Calgary Hyundai Trade-In

Estimate Your Calgary Hyundai Trade-In Value

Are you thinking about trading in your current vehicle before buying a new Hyundai in Calgary? Our trade-in experts at Calgary Hyundai will provide you with a fair market value for your used car, truck, or SUV. Knowing your car’s value helps you plan your budget for a new Hyundai. After estimating your car’s value, explore our extensive inventory of new Hyundai models and high-quality used cars. For any questions regarding Calgary Hyundai Trade-In, visit our finance department and speak with an expert today.

Why Calgary Hyundai Trade-In?

Hassle-Free Process

Skip the hassle of selling your car privately. At Calgary Hyundai, we buy your car directly, eliminating the need to post ads or screen buyers.

Fast and Easy

Our appraisal process is quick, free, and comes with no obligation to purchase. Get your quote and decide at your convenience.

Immediate Benefits

Receive a $500 trade-in bonus when you trade in and upgrade your vehicle! Plus, you can drive away in your new car on the same day.


How It Works

  1. Get an Estimate

    • Use our online form to get an estimated trade-in value from the comfort of your home. Provide details about your vehicle, and we’ll get back to you with a quote shortly.
  2. Vehicle Appraisal

    • Bring your car in for an appraisal at Calgary Hyundai. Our team will inspect its condition and confirm the trade-in value. Don’t forget to bring your trade-in estimate.
  3. Finalize the Trade

    • After the appraisal, you can negotiate or accept our offer. If you owe money on your current vehicle, we can help consolidate the balance into your new car loan.
  4. Drive Away Today

    • Choose your new Hyundai and drive away the same day! We aim to make the process transparent and straightforward, ensuring you get the best possible Calgary Hyundai Trade-In offer.

Benefits of Calgary Hyundai Trade-In

Lower Monthly Payments

We accept trades on both new and used vehicles. Even if you owe money on your current car, we can help manage the balance.

Get Paid Fast

If you prefer cash instead of applying the trade-in value towards a new vehicle, we can provide same-day payment. Avoid the hassle of selling privately and waiting for payment.

No Purchase Necessary

We will buy your vehicle even if you don’t plan on purchasing a new one from us.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Calgary Hyundai trade-in process, contact us online or call us at (403) 250-9990. Start by filling out trade-in form today and experience the convenience and benefits of trading in your vehicle with Calgary Hyundai!

Appraise My Trade In

Appraise My Trade

Vehicle Information

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Q: Can you trade in a financed car?

A: Yes, you can trade in a financed car at Calgary Hyundai Trade-In. If you have positive equity (the car is worth more than you owe), the dealer will pay off the loan and apply the remaining value towards your new vehicle. If you have negative equity (you owe more than the car’s worth), the difference will be rolled into your new Calgary Hyundai car loan.

Q: What does it mean to be “upside down” on a car loan?

A: Being “upside down” or having negative equity means you owe more on the car loan than the car’s current value, which can affect your trade-in value at Calgary Hyundai.

Q: Can I trade in my car for a cheaper car?

A: Yes, at Calgary Hyundai Trade-In, you can trade in your car for a cheaper vehicle. If you owe money on your car, the dealer can pay off the loan and apply any remaining value to your new, cheaper car. If you own the car outright, you can trade it in for a cheaper vehicle and use the difference as you wish.