Fuel Injection Service

When you shut off your motor a little bit of fuel remains on the tip of the fuel injector nozzle and when it evaporates it leaves behind various compounds. Over time this builds up into a varnish. With the high heat of your engine hardened carbon deposits develop not only on the fuel injectors but on the piston valves as well. Because of this the fine mist pattern required for proper fuel combustion can be severely deteriorated. This can lead to rough starts, excessive fuel consumption and at worst fuel injector failure. The only way to avoid this is to not drive your vehicle at all.

Fuel Injector 1 and 5 are working correctly
At Calgary Hyundai we only use Hyundai Specific Products. These were designed with your Hyundai in mind. We would rather not want to guess which product will work best for your vehicle. We want to use products that were designed to be safe and effective to work with your Hyundai.

Dirty valves in an engine
Before and After being cleaned

Now that you know the dirt that can be lurking inside your engine, schedule a service appointment with one of our Certified Hyundai Service Technicians today!