Why Service With Calgary Hyundai

Calgary Hyundai has been a Hyundai dealership in Calgary, Alberta since 1997. Its maintained a family owned style of running its operations and our customers appreciate the extra care they receive while servicing their Hyundai or other vehicle.


A new Hyundai costs an average of $30,000.00, so consumers can’t afford to rely on anyone other than the Best Hyundai Technicians. Calgary Hyundai offers the highest level of technical training, state of the art equipment and factory specific parts to keep your Hyundai running at its best.


Hyundai Canada spends considerable money on continuous training to ensure that our technicians are up-to-date on today’s increasingly complex vehicles. Our technicians are all Hyundai Certified, they have the latest tools from Hyundai Canada in order to best service your vehicle, independent shops do not.


Today’s technicians must be electronic experts as well as good mechanics. That’s why your dealership offers the most experienced technicians in the auto repair industry, Calgary Hyundai’s technicians have over 65 years of experience working on Hyundais.


Whether working on your gas engine or electric motor Hyundai, we have exclusive diagnostic and repair equipment, manufactured by Hyundai, specifically to be used with your Hyundai vehicle. Some diagnostic equipment for today’s automobiles can cost over $100,000. We have all types of specific tools, including computer software to maintain computer links, special tools to fit the unique engineering of a Hyundai and ensure no damage to your vehicle during the operation, factory Hyundai shop supplies like clips, brackets and adhesives to ensure 100% fitment to your Hyundai’s needs.


We carry an assortment of parts and accessories for your Hyundai. Unlike aftermarket shops that will make you wait while they go pick up your parts, we keep them in-stock to ensure no delays in the repair or maintenance of your Hyundai. Hyundai Brand lubricants, filters and coolants also make a big difference to keeping your vehicle last.


Calgary Hyundai has a FULL, 100% Guarantee of our work. This means that we fix your vehicle right the first time. If for any reason our repair was unsatisfactory, we will cover any additional costs to fix your vehicle at our facility.


All new cars today carry manufacturer warranties that specify maintenance schedules and repair procedures. Servicing at Calgary Hyundai eliminates the possibility of voiding the warranty for failure to meet requirements. Should you need more coverage, Calgary Hyundai has a full range of additional warranty coverage to give you piece of mind while driving your Hyundai.


To ensure convenient service, Calgary Hyundai offers:

  • a beautiful customer lounge with 70” TV
  • an assortment of newspapers and magazines
  • complimentary beverages including lattes, drip coffee and hot chocolate
  • intuitive online appointment booking system
  • accurate and available online tire shopping service
  • text message appointment updates
  • complimentary vehicle quick wash



At Calgary Hyundai, we recognize the other available options a consumer has to service their vehicle. Our guaranteed pricing, means that you can rely on getting the best value for the service your Hyundai needs. Combine that with the other benefits to factory servicing your vehicle and its an easy decision.



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